Music artist are now turning to Blockchain and NFTs

3 min readFeb 21, 2022

MHE Crypto NFT Music Group

With the new emergence of technology, the music industry has changed drastically for years now. From cassette tapes to CD’s, then Ipods to streaming. What would be next? Answer, Blockchain technology and NFTs (non-fungible-tokens). With the new hype and innovation in crypto world. NFTs have been the biggest trend and new guy on the block in the tech world. But why?

To have a simple answer would be a lie. So, to make it simple, the reason for this new hype in the crypto space is: OWNERSHIP! Right now the biggest threat and commodity is User Data. Every centralized application you use from your phone to smart TV tracks all your information of what you do, how you use it, and where you are going. This information and data are then sold to millions of other companies to use to come up with a better way to understand you for shopping, schooling, Politics, Ethnicity, Finance, and more.

So how do Blockchain technology and NFTs help fix this problem? And how is this changing the music industry? What is happening is the transition of intellectual property ownership of the content on the internet. That means that you either fully control the stuff you post and use through the internet of things, or you don’t!

Many of Musicians are learning that they aren't getting paid the proper amount from streaming platforms and major music labels. The contracts and deals are wrapped in words that the average college student couldn't understand. Artists are not owning their Publishing and/or their Royalties. The list goes own.

Now imagine that every time you post a song or album. You fully control all digital rights of your music. Then also you get royalties paid immediately and directly. How about that every time a fan buys your music, they become an actual owner of your music and can now garner income from your music being sold and listened to. Every time your music is sold you and owners of your music get paid.

This eliminates a lot of the hand in the middle of your pot. Taking while you do all the work. This concept can also apply to content creators, authors, and more. The future is in owning what you put out. We at MHE Crypto do exactly that. We work directly with clients on first learning and understanding the technology and moving forward with adding it to this technology.

We are redeveloping and rebranding client's music to fit this new innovation in tech. We are also working with content creators to start building series and movies through NFTs and blockchain streaming platforms.

This is a new project and if interested visit site.


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