1 min readApr 18, 2021

MHE Crypto is a sub branch of my MildHigh entertainment LLC. We are taking the music industry to Blockchain technology and Crypto Currency.
What we are doing is innovating the internet and independent artist into a whole new market of revenue (MONEY) and audience(EXPOSURE). But what we offer better than Soundcloud or other free streaming sites. Is full control over Payments, Streams (NO FAKE BOT STREAMS) we are all organic. Meaning our client base are All 100% real humans no bot streams. Royalties are 100% guaranteed agreed by what you state in smart contract. With blockchain and crypto you can now make your own designated Crypto token for selling and purchasing anything digitally uploaded to internet. Books, Music, Short Film, Meme, twitter, Art and more. What we are in need of is bringing this to more people that don’t know of this technology and new creation of digital Money.
We are at the beginning stages of building website and app. We do have the team of designers, programmers and influencers. What we need is more of the “Everyday of the internet” of people to help grow. Mom’s, teenagers, grandmothers and more. To grow we need you.


MHE Media is your go-to for internet management, production, film, skits, podcast, music, and more. We even have an NFT project for artists.