An Animated NFT Web Series for Entrepreneurs.

3 min readDec 26, 2021
The Streets To Entrepreneurs

The Streets To Entrepreneurs is a Urban Podcast on Business, Wealth, Financial Literacy, Success and a diverse platform of information and substance for the urban community. This platform is to shine light on the Grinders and Thinkers of our Kulture. From Social media to the Entertainment industry, we will bring exposure to the ones behind the scenes that don’t get the exposure they deserve.

The creator of this network and project has been an active innovator in the cryptocurrency community and NFT atmosphere. With this innovation in technology and the comical part of all of us. We added a old school cartoon character/personality just with a little twist; POOH PLANK. Pooh Plank will have its own short animation version to The Streets To Entrepreneurs Podcast and Show. These videos will also then be turned to NFT’s. These NFT’s will then garner interest from all social media channel revenue. Yes that mean to all viewers and subscribers, you will be offered an opportunity to not only watch and listen to the show. But also be a direct investor, Trader, Holder and community member to the whole Streets to Entrepreneurs NFT project.


The NFT and MHE Token will then be used to make a liquidity pool for beginners, investors, community members to then be a part of the Metaverse. The objective is to then to venture into building a 3d Metaverse world, just like real estate, just on a computer (LoL). With the high prices in metaverse property, the goal is now to build a community and then we all invest together into the process of developing a 3D Metaverse space. Now opening the doors for new individuals entering the crypto world can now have a step into the door of Metaverse space for there NFT projects, Artwork, Music, Content, Promotion, Gaming and so much more.


MHE Media is your go-to for internet management, production, film, skits, podcast, music, and more. We even have an NFT project for artists.